XXV - Film

The theme of this post is the same as the last. It is worth noting that this collection excludes binders full of photos that I have taken that have not been scanned. Most of these photos have been taken with my Yashica-Mat, seen in the very first photo. That photo in fact is the first taken with that camera a few years ago.

Self Portrait (San Francisco, CA)

Market St. (San Francisco, CA)

Drop-top (San Francisco, CA)

Beach (Muir Woods, CA)

Buddies (San Francisco, CA)

Dollies (Stanford, CA)

Emske (Tiburon, CA)

Beach (Wilmington, NC)

Spring Game (Kezar Stadium, San Francisco)

James Blake (Indio, CA)

Groovin (Indio, CA)

Coachella (Indio, CA)

Disclosure & Jessie Ware (Indio, CA)

Live (Indio, CA)

Road Closed (Kettleman City, CA)

Caroline (San Francisco, CA)

Barista (San Francisco, CA)

Tim-clipse (San Francisco, CA)

Craps (San Francisco, CA)

Paula (San Francisco, CA)

Construction (Stanford, CA)

Senior Dinner on the Quad (Stanford, CA)

Campus (Stanford, CA)

Old Chem (Stanford University)

Written By: Cameron Drake

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